Mares Diablo Sorkeling set

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350.00 SAR

The Mares Diablo Wahoo II Snorkeling Set is a three part snorkelling set consists of a Wahoo mask, snorkel and fins.

The Wahoo mask features clear frame for maximum light entry and an easy adjusting buckle system for correcting the strap length.

The semi dry snorkel features a contoured shape for style and comfort. It has a semi dry top to keep water out and an easy-clear purge valve to make emptying the snorkel simple.

It has a quick-release snorkel keeper that is easily removed or attached to your mask.

The fins have a contemporary designed with dual-composite fin for excellent power and styling.

They also feature enclosed heel with super soft foot pocket that provides a snug and comfortable fit. They feature a long blade with dual-composite fin rails for enhanced snap and thrust.

Wahoo mask, semi dry snorkel and fins.
Clear frame mask.
Snorkel with easy-clear purge valve.

Dual-composite fins with enclosed heel.
Innovative design and attractive look.
The reduced dimensions and ease of use make it a sure-fire winner.
Can be used both with bare feet or with a thin bootie
Adjustable buckle with neoprene guard.