Mares .05 mm Wetsuit

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Mares Coral Mens 0.5mm Neoprene Wetuit, a superb lightweight suit ideal for protection and warmth while snorkelling and scuba diving. A variety of uses and a variety of references: Dive Skin, Stinger suit, Rash suit, Swim Skin, Swim Suit.

The internal lining of a Metalite finish provides superb warmth retention by reflecting heat back in to the body and so reducing heat loss. Can be worn on its own in tropical conditions or as an additional layer under a wetsuit for extra warmth or to aid donning of a suit.

Superb for wearing on its own or under a wetsuit for additional warmth. In fact, the Mares Coral is so versatile it can be used for a number of activities. The foot stirrups will also ensure that if worn under a wetsuit the suit will stay in position.