DivePro Short Collar Hood with Zipper

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Protective equipment for head and face from overcooling for the suits of varying thickness and destination. This simple item of equipment has important functions: It provides additional comfort when the mask is used. It protects from the cold in the open areas of the skin. It provides a snug fit the suit in the neck. It is protective equipment for the head and neck from damage and shock. The Zipper with Velcro of the Hood makes it easier to putting on. The anatomical design repeats the form of the head, neck and is designed to make this accessory more comfortable. Hood sewed of neoprene thickness 3mm, with an insert of the material "open pores" around the face for a more snug fit and prevents the water ingress. Material: neoprene. Thickness: 3mm Available Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL Code: AL-HSC-Z