Bateel Development courses certified by PADI

Bateel Diver Center was established in Saudi Arabia in 2015, it is a 5-star center for developing trainers certified by PADI International organization. It provides all facilities and diving equipment, as well as a private swimming pool and diving classes.

The Center also provides qualified trainers certified by PADI. Not only that but also Bateel diver provides training for government and military sectors.

More than 1,500 trainees were trained through diving courses from the basic level up to the instructor level.

Lastly, we can say that PADI certification is Locally certified and widely recognized.

-Courses of Bateel Diver that certified by PADI


1- Open water diver ( junior )

A)- theoretical Lectures:

Which explain principles of diving and diving equipment and how to use them, also explain the effect of gases on the diver, dive tables and how to deal with them, planning for safe diving, fellowship system, underwater signals, physical and physiological effect of the deep water on the diver at a depth of 18 meters.

B)- Practical training no1:

There are 22 skills trainees should master before moving to the next step,

The trainer should teach to all the trainees and move to the next skill after making sure that each trainee mastered the previous skill under the swimming pool's water.

C)- Testing:

To make sure that requirements are completed, trainee undergoes a written test to ensure that he is familiar with the course and qualified to get the PADI's international certification


2- Open Water Diver Course (advanced)


A)- Lecture:

Explaining how to use a compass, also how to recognize signs and navigate underwater, inference on sites, search for things and taking them off, the effect of the depths of 18m underwater, conditions of safety stop.

B)- Practical training:

How to use compass under water in the dark when the vision is poor, also practice on searching and picking up operations, what is safety stop and how to apply it, last getting down to the depths and practice night diving and floating mastery.


Ps: The course includes educational materials, it provides the main diving equipment during the course such as buoyancy jacket, organizer, weights, air cylinder, a compass, and scout, finally the course provides an international license for each trainee.


After successfully completing the course, the trainees will be awarded by the internationally recognized diver certificate and will be officially qualified to dive within a depth of 30 meters as the limits of their training.



3- Emergency Priority Response course:


A brief explanation of the importance of the first aid and its effectiveness, by presenting different scenarios and explaining how to deal with each one of them, also providing a training of how to deal with various injuries in addition to the correct way for pulmonary resuscitation and how to avoid infection and danger in general, also discovering injuries, fractures and dealing with them plus most types of wounds and bleeding.


4- Diver course (rescue):


A)- Theoretical lectures:

Specialized training for dealing with various drowning accidents and rescuing methods.


B)- Practical training no1:

There are 10 rescuing skills that trainees should master to deal with drowning cases. Here every skill gets explained individually by trainers, they don't move to the next step before making sure that all trainees mastered that skills and well knew them.


C)- Practical training no2:

Re-apply the 10 skills that were trained previously in the swimming pool and if there is any inquiry, trainers re-explain rescuing guidelines to trainees to ensure that they are mastering them.


Ps: The course contains educational materials and main diving equipment such as buoyancy jacket, weights, regulator and air cylinder.


After completing the course successfully, the trainees get an Internationally acknowledged rescuing diver certification that gets him to deal with drowning cases within 18-meter depth.

-Bateel Diver's trips:

Up till this moment, more than 2500 divers had joined to Bateel Diver's trips at 700 diving sites or more, where more than 20 international diving trips have been organized in the Red Sea, the Maldives and the Caribbean, as well as more than 150 local diving trips with the most luxurious facilities


1- International Bateel diver trips:

Bateel diver had organized more than 19 trips internationally for diving in Hurghada, Sharm El-Shaikh and Marsa Alam in Egypt, also The Maldives, The Caribbean, and Sudan.


2- local dives.

What is worth to be mentioned is that Bateel diver also had organized more than 180 trips locally in the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea.


-Bateel Diver Centre facilities:

Bateel Diver Centre sells diving equipment through its exhibition and website, it also rent that diving equipment, not only that but also repair them also and fills the air tanks. At the same time, Bateel Diver Centre is equipped by a swimming pool for teaching diving, which is available for rent for the diving instructor. This swimming pool could accommodate only for 8 persons.

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